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Trimble Fleet Management Review

Trimble ELD & GPS Fleet Tracking System

Trimble GPS Tracking and ELD Solutions

Trimble provides solutions primarily to the commercial freight industry. Scalable to any size fleet over 25 assets, Trimble also works with private distribution, manufacturing, construction, and waste handling fleets, in addition to municipal government fleets. Since 2012, it has been a part of Trimble.

The following dives into features, pros, and cons of Trimble’s GPS tracking and ELD solutions, as well as a final review of both products.

The Top Trimble Features

  1. TripAlert software connects dispatchers and drivers.
  2. Peak Visibility software provides real-time data and analytics of the supply chain.
  3. Calculate trip distance and estimated delivery time to reduce dispatch errors and improve on-time delivery.
  4. Automatic alerts sent if the driver is approaching his or her hours of service (HOS) limit.
  5. Monitor how many hours a driver actually spent driving versus being on-duty.

The Pros of Trimble

  • Automation of pre-trip instructions.
  • Ability to track assets throughout every step of the supply-chain process.
  • Scheduling for preventive maintenance, inspections, and technicians.
  • Option for exempt driver profile configuration.

The Cons of Trimble

  • No free trial.
  • Customer support can be slow to respond.
  • The user interface is not as modern as other provider software.
  • Setting up drivers and loads can be time-consuming.

While customers praise the myriad of programs and solutions available, there is some criticism regarding user-friendliness.

The Final Verdict

With a primary focus on the commercial freight industry, Trimble offers customers a variety of ways to create customized solutions for their fleet needs. Real-time vehicle and driver tracking, route optimization and ETA calculations, TripAlert software guarantees that payloads will be delivered on time. Additionally, Trimble’s ELDs monitor driving hours, ensuring that drivers remain in compliance with HOS regulations.

While customers praise the myriad of programs and solutions available, there is some criticism regarding user-friendliness. The suite of applications requires multiple modules that are each a stand-alone program. Some users have called the app designs “outdated,” and have reported frequent crashes and overall slow loading times.

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