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Onfleet GPS Tracking Review

Onfleet Telematics

Onfleet GPS Tracking and Last-Mile Delivery Solution

Onfleet provides last-mile delivery software that provides a host of benefits for delivery businesses, including dispatching, routing, predictive ETAs for customers, and integrated customer communication. The company mainly services multi-national couriers, retailers, distributors, and on-demand delivery startups and industries like food & beverage and pharmaceuticals.

The following is an overview of top features, a pros and cons list of Onfleet’s platform, and a final review of the solution.

Top 5 Onfleet Features

  1. Customer communication – automatic status updates are sent to customers to let them know when delivery starts, ETAs, and eventually, when packages will arrive.
  2. Ability to force delivery completion requirements for drivers that include photos, signatures, and notes.
  3. Secure driver chat that enables fast and private communication.
  4. Uses machine learning to provide predictive ETAs to customers.
  5. Comprehensive reports show delivery metrics that include miles per task, completions per failure, and minutes per task.

The Pros of Onfleet

  • An open application program interface (API) enables you to integrate third-part software like Zapier, Shopify, and Google Sheets.
  • Offers a free 14-day trial of the software.
  • Ability to add a new stop onto an existing route for drivers.
  • Provides customer record management.
  • Very responsive to customers – anything users report as negative feedback gets sent to the product team as a potential idea to implement into the software.

The Cons of Onfleet

  • Users report it can take some time to switch tasks between drivers.
  • It is on the higher-priced side of software costs. This aspect could deter smaller businesses, although some have reported it’s still worth the investment.

The Final Verdict

As a routing, dispatching, delivery, and GPS tracking solution, Onfleet has a modern, robust design that provides businesses powerful capabilities to improve efficiency and customer service. Multiple Onfleet clients report how happy their customers are with their communication and deliveries, which they attribute to the Onfleet platform.

While on the pricier side, Onfleet appears to be the epitome of “you get what you pay for” in a software solution. If you are a delivery company that needs to improve routing efficiency, customer communication, and increase driver accountability, it’s worth considering Onfleet as a viable solution.

Onfleet proactively addresses almost all negative and constructive customer feedback, which, in many instances, is turned into product updates and added features.

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