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KeepTruckin Telematics System Review

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KeepTruckin GPS Tracking and ELD Solutions

Keeptruckin offers vehicle and asset tracking, as well as an electronic logging device (ELD) solution. They also provide dispatch management, vehicle maintenance management, and inventory management.

The following is an overview of top features, the pros, and cons of both GPS tracking and ELD solutions, and a review of Keeptruckin.

Top 4 KeepTruckin Features

  1. WiFi hotspot is available for in-cab use.
  2. In-cab dashcam, either road or dual-facing.
  3. “Driver Workflow” provides quick and easy driver communication, including updating routes and specific stops.
  4. Ability to customize forms for the drivers to use in the field.

The Pros of KeepTruckin

  • GPS tracking and ELD solutions can work together, or as standalone applications depending on your business needs.
  • Users report ease of setup, installation, and ongoing use. There does not appear to be a learning curve with the software.
  • A WiFi hotspot offering is uncommon from GPS tracking and ELD providers.

The Cons of KeepTruckin

  • A myriad of customer complaints regarding poor customer service.
  • Many user reports of data inaccuracy when it comes to odometer and mileage.
  • Reports of difficulties making log changes for ELD.
  • No mobile app for GPS tracking solution.

The Final Verdict

While KeepTruckin offers GPS tracking and ELD as separate solutions or paired together, their customer feedback on support is mixed.

ELD users have an easy-to-use mobile app where drivers can complete driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs), manage logs, and drive time.

Customer reviews state that the platform is easy to use but lacks a mobile app for the GPS tracking solution. Lacking a mobile app could be an issue if users need access to the data while in the field.

On the plus side, the low monthly price should be attractive to cost-conscious fleets and the opportunity to trial the solution for free can give fleets the opportunity to determine if this is the best solution for the operation before making a significant commitment.

Overall, the intuitive nature of the solution, ease of installation, and low price point offsets some of the negatives cited by customers. However, the mixed reports on customer service should give fleets – particularly those with ELDs – pause before making a commitment.

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