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ClearPathGPS Fleet Management Review


ClearPathGPS Vehicle Tracking

ClearPathGPS offers a GPS vehicle tracking management portal that provides a full picture of fleet and driver operations across all device types, including a mobile app.

The following is an overview of the top features, pros, and cons of the ClearPathGPS tracking and electronic logging device (ELD) solutions, as well as a final review of both platforms.

The Top 5 ClearPathGPS Features

  1. A virtual timecard report that validates employee timecards, which helps reduce labor costs and increases billing accuracy.
  2. Real-time stop status and duration.
  3. Live traffic report overlays on maps.
  4. ELD works with any Android tablet.
  5. ELD collects data for driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs).

Good customer service & technical support

The Pros of ClearPathGPS

  • No contract; cancel at any time.
  • Easy to use software platform.
  • Large-scale and easy-to-zoom map views.
  • Good customer service and technical support.
  • ELD is self-certified and registered with FMCSA.

The Cons of ClearPathGPS

  • Phone app not as accurate or as detailed as desktop software.
  • The ELD solution is licensed through a 3rd party provider.

The Final Verdict

ClearPathGPS provides fleet managers with reliable services at a competitive price. Since they do not require a contract, you can cancel at any time.

The software solution allows businesses to track vehicles, assets, and equipment in one easy-to-use fleet management system. It includes 30-second updates, color-coded behavior status, and tracks points, as well as more than 60 reports and alerts with the ability to show the full fleet history for up to one year.

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