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Azuga Review

Azuga Fleet Tracking

Reviewing Azuga

Azuga provides its clients with the ability to lower their liability, increase efficiency, and maximize profits through a combination of GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics, and driver rewards. With offices around the globe, Azuga takes a hands-on approach to customer service, ensuring your fleet is always operating at peak performance.

The following is a pros and cons review of Azuga’s GPS tracking and electronic logging device (ELD) platforms, including top features and a final review of both solutions.

The Top Azuga Features

  1. DriveSafe blocks smartphone usage when the vehicle is in motion.
  2. Streamlined dispatching.
  3. Automatic switch between U.S. and Canadian ELD mandate rules and compliance.
  4. English, French, Canadian, and Spanish language options.

The Pros of Azuga

  • Offers a free demo period.
  • Ability to generate vehicle usage, operating costs, and driver performance reports.
  • Speeding, hard braking, cell phone distractions, and maintenance alerts.
  • In-cab cameras.

The Cons of Azuga

  • No geofence feature.
  • Asset tracking and ELD are add-ons and not a part of the basic package like other providers offer.

There doesn’t seem to be many criticisms of Azuga’s products, although some users have noted lags in vehicle tracking.

The Final Verdict

Azuga is a global brand that offers customers products designed to promote safety, eliminate waste, and deliver a sizeable ROI. They claim that customers have seen a 57% reduction in driving citations, a 38% reduction in accidents, and a 53% reduction in wear and tear on their fleets after installing its product.

For fleet managers who value customer service, Azuga provides training in person and online, in addition to webinars. Additionally, customer support is available online and 24/7 by phone.

There doesn’t seem to be many criticisms of Azuga’s products, although some users have noted lags in vehicle tracking. Other customer reviews have noted that server issues can cause delays in real-time displays.

However, for fleets that operate across international borders, Azuga’s transnational focus is surely a plus.

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